Fabric to film laminating machine

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This machine is suitable for the laminating of apparel fabrics, industrial fabrics and other sofe materials to PU or PTFE films.

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The feeding device and edge position control mechanism use simple and fast design and have the features of power-saving, space-saving and nimble operation.

We can design and manufacturer laminating machines according to customer’s different requirements, even for a vary of cloth materials or thin films, the processes for different sizes, different operation temperatures and different tension limit are all could be completed with the best solutions.

Xinlilong has professional experience of more than 20 years for manufacturing laminating machines, could satisfy a vary of laminating requirements to cloth fabrics and thin films etc.


Fabric to Film Laminating Machine

1. Applied for gluing and laminating of fabric, nonwoven, textile, waterproof, breathable films and etc.
2. Aided by PLC program control and man-machine touch interface, easy to operate.
3. Advanced edge alignment and scothing devices, this machine increases the degree of automation, saves labor costs, relieves labor intensity, and enhances production efficiency.
4. With PU glue or solvent based glue, the laminated products have good adhesive property and touch well. They are washable and dry-cleanable. Due to the glue is in the point form when laminating, the laminated products are breathable.
5. Efficient cooling device enhances the lamination effect.
6. Sewing cutter is used to cut the raw edges of the laminated materials.

Laminating Materials

1.Fabric + fabric:textiles, jersey, fleece, Nylon, Velvet, Terry cloth, Suede,etc.
2.Fabric + films, such as PU film, TPU film, PE film, PVC film, PTFE film,etc.
3.Fabric+ Leather/Artificial Leather,etc.
4.Fabric + Nonwoven
5.Sponge/ Foam with Fabric/ Artificial Leather


Main Technical Parameters

Effective Fabrics Width


Roller Width


Production speed

10-45 m/min

Demension (L*W*H)


Heating Method

heat conducting oil and electric


380V 50HZ 3Phase / customizable


about 9000kg

Gross Power


Widely Used In


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